Empowering Pro-Israel Voices

We support influencers who are standing up for Israel & the Jewish people through impactful brand sponsorships.

“When I was dropped from my brand deal with London Town which resulted in losing my position as a television host following my support for Israel, I was completely devastated...despite breaking sales records for these brands, when I raised my voice for the hostages and hostage families, they immediately dropped me and I lost all my income. I’m so happy Brian founded this agency, and I know that with him I’ll have the freedom to express my values, as well as the ability to promote organizations who share those values, without fear.”

Bianca Jade

Bianca Jade (TV Host, Beauty & Fitness Influencer (332k Followers))

Impactful Brand Amplification

Barzel Media ensures your brand is getting the right voice to represent it.

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Align your brand with the right influencers and celebrities. With many of our brands donating a portion of their proceeds to charity, you can ensure your brand is highlighted for this positive cause.

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Full Support for Pro-Israel Creators

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Impactful Jewish Partnerships

With Barzel Media's network, we can help you partner with strategic brands, influencers, events, celebrities, moments, charities, or organizations.

<span>Impactful Jewish Partnerships</span>

"Influencers should never have to choose between standing up for Israel and their career"

Brian Spivak
(Found & CEO of Barzel Media)